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For landlords

With Workplace Plus, landlords attract more tenants, reduce voids and protect rental values with no upfront capex.

At Workplace Plus we work with landlords to convert their traditional office lease into a fully fitted, fully fibre connected and fully managed space that is instantly more appealing to tenants. With increasing availability of fully fitted, fully managed options from serviced office providers as well as landlords now offering CAT A+ finishes on flexible terms, tenants are becoming increasingly reluctant to dedicate large CAPEX to fit out their office or manage the complexities of a traditional lease. As a result the conventional Lease is becoming harder than ever to Let.

Workplace Plus provides occupiers with a more affordable and convenient office solution, reducing void periods and protecting asset values.

How we work

We provide tenants with the perfect balance between a serviced office and a traditional lease. Businesses benefit from the lower costs of a traditional lease and the ability to make the space their own, while also combining the simplicity that comes with a fully managed serviced office with no upfront costs and single monthly payments.

We manage their cost flow by financing upfront capex costs and amortising fit out, IT and professional costs over the term and managing every aspect of the day to day running of the office.

Workplace Plus Landlord Benefits

  • Reduced voids
  • No cost to landlords
  • No CAPEX on CAT A+ fit out required
  • Standard Lease terms
  • Rent, rates and s/c received as standard
  • Free fibre connectivity
  • Asset value protected


Workplace Plus Tenant Benefits

  • All finances managed by Workplace Plus
  • A single monthly cost
  • No upfront costs
  • Fully Managed office comparable to serviced offices


While CAT A+ solutions have their advantage in making offices instantly more lettable, it comes at a significant cost to landlords requiring large CAPEX to provide a durable CAT A+ finish. Landlord's therefore typically don't see a positive return on investment for at least 2-3 years. In contrast Workplace Plus allows landlords to offer the same benefits with no costs and achieve a positive return on day one.
Unlike CAT A+ and other Managed models, with Workplace Plus the asset remains unaffected from the traditional Lease. The tenant still takes a lease directly from the landlord, the landlord still holds the same deposit and the length of term will remain the same. From the landlord's point of view, the managed contract sits on top of and entirely separate from the original lease contract. The asset value is therefore unaffected.
A Workplace Plus office charges a monthly fee, which covers the rent, business rates, service charge, management costs, IT, fit out, cleaning, dilapidations and sundries. Because of our purchasing power and small management fee, office costs are comparable with the original lease and considerably cheaper than a serviced or managed equivalent.